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Friday, November 6, 2009

Project you made in school

·         Project work is part and parcel of school curricula
·         I have made many projects in my life
·         But here I am going to talk about a project which I made when I was in 10th class
·         This project was on the topic of pollution
·         Our teacher gave us this project for competing in an environment fair
·         This fair is held every year in December in my home town
·         We were a team of three students
·         We collected all data from different sources like the internet, library, magazines and so on
·         We presented all three types of pollution on thermocol
·         In this project we showed the causes, effects and ways to control pollution
·         We won first prize in this competition
·         Our school principal also appreciated us
·         This project also touched the topic of global warming which is a burning issue nowadays
·         After that my project was hung in the class room

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