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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Speech that somebody delivered and you heard. Speech by a famous person

Ÿ  In my life I heard many speeches. But here I would like to discuss with you a speech which my principal delivered when I was in 10th class and it was on the most burning issue nowadays - that is “GLOBAL WARMING”.
Ÿ  My school principal is very famous person in my home town and is known for his oratorial skills.
Ÿ  He talked on the topic of global warming.
Ÿ  The whole globe is involved in it.
Ÿ  The way he described the causes and effects was very interesting.
Ÿ  It was an eye-opener for me.
Ÿ  We humans are the causes and we humans can lessen it.
Ÿ  He also told us how the pollution caused by cutting trees, having more industries, growing number of cars and other human luxuries is leading to global warming.
Ÿ  Then he told us about the effects of global warming.
Ÿ  Firstly is the rise in the sea level.
Ÿ  This is because of the melting of mountain peaks.
Ÿ  Second effect is changing climate.
Ÿ  We all know that summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder.
Ÿ  Finally, we are having epidemics of diseases like malaria and dengue.
Ÿ  This is because mosquitoes and flies prosper in the heat.
Ÿ  He also told how to lessen this phenomenon by simple measures like
u      Not cutting down trees.
u      Planting more trees.
u      Using recycled materials.
u      Saying no to plastic bags.

Ÿ  I felt very enlightened after listening to his spellbinding speech.
Ÿ  I try to avoid using plastic bags and also accept recycled material even though quality is low.

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