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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Favourite magazine / periodical / journal

·         My favourite magazine is “The Readers Digest”.
·         It is a monthly.
·         It is an international magazine.
·         The editor of the magazine is Mohan Sivanand.
·         I like this magazine because it is not a magazine to be read and throw away.
·         It is a collectible.
·         I have collected many past issues of the magazine in my personal library.
·         There are many regular features of the magazine.
·         The feature I like the most is ‘word power’.
·         It gives me 20 new words of English every month with their meaning and antonyms.
·         It helps me to improve my vocabulary.
·         The other regular features are “laughter is the best medicine ”, ‘life is like that’ and ‘humour in uniform”
·         All these articles contain  jokes and humours which are as fresh as fresh fruits and vegetables.
·         There are also many quotable quotes in this magazine.
·         Another article I like is “The reader’s choice”
·         It runs for 15-20 pages.
·         It contains a true story or an abridged form of a novel.
·         All these articles are very inspiring.
·         Reading this magazine relaxes me.
·         This magazine is entertaining and educative.
·         Everybody in my house reads it.
·         This magazine has something for everybody. 

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