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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Far too little has been done to prevent animals and plants from dying out, although people have been aware of this problem for a long time. Why do people do so little about it? Give your suggestions on how to solve this problem.

Intro: -
Paragraph 1: Why people are doing so little about it
-          Selfish
-          Busy
-          Don’t know the consequences
Paragraph 2: write about the consequences
-          Ecological chain is disturbed
Firstly, many animal species help in the survival of plant species. For example, there are many bat species that are becoming extinct. Such bats help keep the insect population in control. In addition, many animals, like rodents, help in the dispersal of plant seeds and in the pollination of plants. Some of these plants are important for medical research and the development of medicines.
Secondly, in some regions, people depend on the biological cycles as a food and income source. Larger animals often depend on smaller animals as a food source. If one source is eliminated, other animals are indirectly affected.
Paragraph 3: solutions
-          Increase awareness of people about consequences of this
-          With funding, biologists and naturalists can use their years of knowledge to help in the breeding of various animal species
-          Furthermore, since people are often responsible for habitat destruction, it is only right that they use some resources to help preserve whatever important wildlife habitats are left. Don’t cut trees for housing and furniture. Instead develop high rise buildings and use aluminium dors and windows. Instead

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