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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An activity you would like to do more often

·         Well, something I would like to do especially if I am feeling a bit stressed, is to go out for a walk.
·         I already go for walks but I would like to do it more often.
·         I usually go for a long walk, but I do not rush, I just walk at a normal speed.
·         Because I find if I walk fast it doesn’t relax me.
·         I quite often go out for a walk in the evening, if I’ve had a hectic day since morning.
·         It is much better than just sitting in front of the television in the evening, or something like that.
·         Or sometimes I go for a long walk at the weekend, if it’s been a really bad week.
·         I usually go to the park.
·         Or I walk down the side streets near my house.
·         I don’t like walking on the main road.
·         Because of the noise, you end up even more stressed.
·         I really love walking.
·         I find it very relaxing.
·         It always makes me feel better afterwards.
·         I am not sure why.
·         I think one thing is the change of place.
·         It sort of slows me down.
·         And it is good just getting out of the house and being out of doors.
·         It helps me to, kind of, get things into perspective, you know.
·         And finally, I meet so many people- neighbours-on the way.
·         It sort of build up a community spirit.
·         So I would like to go walking daily

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