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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Favourite room

·         The room in our house, I like the best, is our kitchen.     
·         Perhaps, the kitchen is the most important room in many houses but it is particularly so in my house because it is not only where we cook and eat but it is also where friends and family meet.
·         I have many happy memories of time spent here.
·         Ordinary daily events such as making breakfast, lunch and dinner or special occasions such as a birthday party etc.
·         Whenever we have a party people gravitate to the kitchen.
·         It always ends up the fullest and the noisiest room in the whole house.
·         The room is not huge but big enough to hold a rectangular four-seater table in the centre.
·         There is a large window above the sink looking out onto the huge Amaltas tree in the garden.
·         There is a four burner gas stove at one end and a plate rack on the other .
·         All our friends come directly in the kitchen and join in whatever is happening there.
·         No doubt some of the best time of my life has been spent in the kitchen. 

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