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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The detailed description about crime will affect the people and cause many social problems. Some people say that the media should be strictly controlled. Do you agree or disagree?

 Barrons Essays from IELTS Books  – similar essay for disagree. Plan taken from that essay
Intro: Disagree. While it is true that there is violence on television, each individual has his or her own idea about how much is too much. Fortunately, we are all free to choose which TV programs we want to watch. Laws are not necessary to help us decide.

Paragraph 1: It isn't difficult to find out which programmes are on TV at any given time. Most newspapers pub­lish a schedule of TV programmes every day. Also, anyone who watches TV regularly knows which programs she likes and which she doesn't like. She knows what kinds of programs each different channel tends to have. It's easy for everyone to avoid violent programs if they want to.

Paragraph 2: Modern technology, has given us a tool for controlling the TV programs we see. Most TVs can be programmed to block certain channels. Parents use this technology to protect their children from seeing shows that are too violent.  Adults can also use this technology to avoid seeing programs that they don't want to see.

Paragraph 3: The best thing about TV is that there is a variety of programmes. There are news programs for serious people. There are films and cartoons for people who want to be entertained. The variety of TV programmes needs to be protected, even if that means allowing  some of them to show violence.

Conclusion: We each have our own ideas about what is too violent and what isn't. It would be difficult to make laws about violence on TV that would satisfy everybody. It is better to let each individ­ual make his or her own choice about what to watch.

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