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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An event which made you happy Recent happy event

·         Happy and sad events are a part and parcel of our life.
·         The happy event I am going to talk about here is the wedding of my cousin.
·         I attended this wedding on 15th January.
·         My cousin’s name is Deepa.
·         She is my maternal aunt’s daughter.
·         All our relatives and friends were invited.
·         Actually the whole week before 15th was busy in the pre wedding celebrations like tilak, sangeet, mehandi and haldi.
·         On the day of the wedding, the marriage palace was decorated like a bride. My cousin also looked beautiful in her sequin spangled lehanga.
·         The baraat came at 5 p.m.
·         High tea was served in which there were lots of cakes and snacks.
·         Then there was the jai mala.
·         The bride and groom exchanged fresh flower garlands.
·         Then we all danced and enjoyed to the beat of music.
·         After the sumptuous dinner all the guests departed and only the close family was left.
·         Then the priest set up a small fire and the remaining ceremony took place around the fire.
·         The doli took place early morning.
·         It was a very tearful moment for all of us but we were all happy from deep inside as my cousin was beginning her new life.
·         Such celebrations are very common in my country. 
·         Since then I have not attended any such ceremony but there is another wedding in the family next month. 

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