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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Changes in your life

·         Change is the law of nature.
·         My life has also seen many changes.
·         I would like to talk about here about some changes that are worth mentioning.
·         I used to be a very fat and chubby child.
·         A real couch potato.
·         Then one day there was a drama competition in school.
·         I was given the role of a fat and dumb girl/boy.
·         Everyone laughed at me.
·         I decided to change that image and I started exercising daily.
·         I stopped eating chocolates and candies.
·         The changes became obvious and in six months I was a new person.
·         I felt more confident and active.
·         You know what, I even got better in studies
·         Then I made new friends.
·         I used to be an introvert.
·         I started going out and meeting people.
·         I started finding the world a better place.
·         Another change that I would like to talk about here is in my nature.
·         I used to spend all my money on chocolates.
·         Once I helped a poor class fellow with some stationery material.
·         I found great happiness in it.
·         I used to live for myself only.
·         But I found a new meaning of life.
·         So you see ma’am, changes are a part and parcel of life.

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