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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Friend A person with whom you like to spend time with

·         My best friend is Sukhwinder. I really like to spend my time with him.
·         I met him when I was in the 4th class in the Govt Primary School where I studied.
·         I like him because he is an honest and straightforward person.
·         He was a very happy mentality.
·         Whenever I was in trouble he used to come and help me.
·         He tried to be very understanding and never fought with me.
·         In class I was weak at maths and he used to help me.
·         I had a very bad handwriting and he helped me to improve my handwriting also.
·         He has a habit of reading.
·         His father has subscribed to the Reader’s Digest magazine.
·         I started reading because of him.
·         He is a very loving, caring and affectionate person.
·         So, he became a very intimate friend.
·         Now also he lives near my house and we spend our evenings together.
·         We go for movies together, do shopping together and even play together.

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