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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

STORY OF A FILM (‘Bend It like Beckam’)

·         A film have enjoyed recently is ‘Bend It like Beckam’.
·         What made me want to see it was the title first of all.
·         I was also interested to see what it’s like for an Indian teenager growing up in England.
·         It was directed by Gurinder Chadha and it stars two young British actresses Parminder Nagra  and Keira Knightley.
·         The film is set in present-day London.
·         The main character is an Indian girl called Jess.
·         She comes from a very traditional Indian family, who all want her to learn to cook and get married like her elder sister.
·         The problem is that Jess wants to play only football, which her parents won’t allow her to do because they say, it is unsuitable sport for a girl.
·         Encouraged by her friend Joules- played by Ceria Knightly- she starts playing for a local girls’ football beam, but tells her family that she got a part time job in a Shop.
·         Eventually her parents find out, of course, and try to stop her.
·         Things get really complicated when it turns out that both she and Joules are in love with Joe (the team’s young male coach)
·         So jess is forced to choose between her family, her friend and the man she loves.
·         However it all ends happily and jess is allowed to continue with her foot balling career.
·         Although, sometimes the film is a bit slow moving and the dialogue is quite difficult to understand at times, there are a number of things I liked about this film.
·         There is quite a lot of humour in the film and there are some amusing characters especially Joules mom, who is always worrying about her daughter.
·         The scenes showing Jess’s sisters’ wedding are very warm and colourful.
·         The sound track is good too with a mixture of rock and Indian music.

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