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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An animal you like the most (Strange/ seen for the first time)- Snakes

·          India is a diverse country
·         There are many types of animals found in India
·         There are pet animals, domestic animals and wild animals
·         Here I am going to talk about an animal which I saw for the first time in a park near my home
·         It was a huge big snake, black in colour and about 4 feet long
·         Many people gathered around it.
·         A snake charmer was called and he played an instrument and then very deftly caught the snake in a box and went away.
·         Snakes are beautiful animals.
·         They are reptiles.
·         Unlike the other reptiles, snakes have no limbs; so they crawl.
·         Their body is covered with scales and they shed their skin once in a while and this is called moulting.
·         There are two types of snakes, the poisonous and the non-poisonous.
·         Most of the snakes are non-poisonous.
·         Snakes feed on small birds, frogs, rodents etc.
·         The poisonous snakes use their poison to kill the prey.
·         But the others wind around the victim to kill them.
·         Such snakes are called constrictors.
·         Cobra, vipers and krait are poisonous snakes whereas python and rat-snakes are harmless.
·         Snakes are not our foes but are friends because they eat away the rodents like rats who are a great enemy of man.
·         We should not kill snakes.

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