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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interview dated 17th Nov 2009 ( Maninder)

1.   What is your name?
2.   Do you work or study?
3.   What do you want to do in future?
4.   What is the most common weather / climate in your country?
5.   What type of weather you like?
6.   Why you do not like summer weather?
7.   Is there any change in work in your country?
8.   How much time people work in your country?
9.   Why people do more work in our country?
   How did you spend your last weekend
-      With whom
-      Where did you go
-      What did you do
1.   Do you like weekends? Why?
2.   Do people in your country want long weekends?
3.   Do students and workers want long weekends
4.   Do people in our country want to work in shifts
5.   What effect has shift work on the family?
6.   What is the effect of shift work on society?
7.   Which places people work in shifts?

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