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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Law which is good - PNDT act

·         There are various laws imposed by the govt from time to time.
·         All these laws are for the benefit of the society in general.
·         Without these laws we would be living in utter chaos.
·         The law I am going to talk about here is PNDT act i.e. Pre Natal Diagnostic technique Act.
·          This was first enforced in 1994 and then amended in 2002.
·         In this there is a fine of Rs 1 lack, imprisonment and cancellation of the registration of the Doctor who is caught doing the test.
·         It is a disgrace for the Indian society which considers the birth of a girl child as a bad investment in future.
·         She is considered a consumer rather than a producer and this narrow view point has led to practices like female foeticide.
·         The situation is worst in Punjab.
·         In many parts there are only 700 girls per 1000 boys.
·         This decline in sex ratio might lead to degradation of moral values of society resulting in
- Polyandry
- violence against women
- red trafficking.
·         This low is being strictly implemented but still there is a fear that there is a fear that these practices are going on in the back street.
·         I feel that law alone is not sufficient .
·         Other measures like-
-          Providing old-age-pension to parents who have no son.
-          Free and compulsory education for girls.
-          Job reservation for women 
-          and equal share in property would also help.
·         In the end I would like to say that all of us have to work together to form a gender balanced society.

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