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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Place with lots of water Anjana Beach ( a visit to a sea shore )

·         India is a diverse country.
·         There are many places with lots of water.
·         When it comes to beach holidays in India the choice is endless.
·         After all India has a coastline of more than 7000 Km.
·         The beach I am going to talk about here is Anjuna beach at Goa.
·         I went there with my parents in the month of December.
·         It was my school winter vacation and my parents had planned this holiday for us.
·         We went by train to Goa and stayed in a hotel at Panaji
·         I vividly remember the name of the hotel
·         It was hotel Delmon
·         It was a ten day holiday including the travel period
·         My father had meticulously planned the holiday within his budget
·         Every morning there was a bus from the hotel which left at sharp 9 a m
·         It took us to various beaches and churches of Goa
·         The beaches I remember are Anjana, Donna Paula and Calangute
·         I liked Anjana beach the most
·         I remember the foreign tourists sun bathing under the swaying palm leaves
·         We too enjoyed the waves touching our feet
·         I collected some shells and even caught a small starfish.
·         The day we went there was a flea-market where we saw cute looking Kashmiri and Tibetan women selling all kinds of junk jewellery and clothes
·         I too bought a T-shirt  from there
·         After this we went to the  Calangute beach
·         There was too much rush on the beach
·         I remember my father took us quite far into the water
·         I was very afraid but my father held my hand
·         My mother was quite happy clicking photographs from the shore
·         I can never forget this holiday
·         I shall definitely like to go there again

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