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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A house you’ve been to ( not your own )

I have been to many houses – of my friends, of my relatives, but here I would like to talk about a house which I visit frequently.
It is the house of my best friend Rahul
It is a very beautiful house.
It is on the GT Road in my home town only.
It is a two storeyed red brick house.
On the outside there are two palm trees where lots of birds have made their nests
They have a very well-maintained lawn on the front.
There are beautiful flowers in the garden
All the members of his family are so hospitable that you feel at home there
The interiors have also been decorated very nicely
On the wall just in front of the main door there is a big family photograph in which my friend and his whole family is there
My friend belongs to a joint family.
There are six bedrooms in the house.
All are very spacious and well-lit.
All members of his family have a close bonding with each other.
The best thing I like about his family is that they all eat dinner together.
They have a kitchen garden in the back yard where they grow fresh vegetables.
I frequently go to his house because his mother is a great cook and she makes delicious pizza
I am very attached to that family that is why I go to their house very often.

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