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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An equipment you use other than a computer ( mobile phone)

·         We use many things in our day to day life.
·         An equipment I use other than the computer is a mobile phone
·         My father gifted me this mobile phone when I passed my 10th class with good marks
·         It is a small mobile – a Samsung X-210 model
·         It is black in colour, rectangular and slips into my pocket easily
·         It is a folder type model.
·         It has many features like watch, calculator, FM radio, alarm, timer and a memory card to store phone numbers
·         It does not have a camera but all other features are very useful
·         I can also play games on my mobile
·         I value this phone a lot because my father worked overtime in his office to save money for this mobile
·         He knew I had always wanted one
·         I never misuse it
·         I use it to stay connected with my family when I am away from home
·         Many new models of mobile phones have come in the market but in my eyes this is and will always be the best mobile phone
·         My heart skips a beat even at the thought of losing it or parting with it

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