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Monday, November 9, 2009

Interview dated 8-11-2009

1.      What is your full name?
2.      What shall I call you?
3.      Can I see your identification?
4.      Where are you living?
5.      Describe the area where you live / locality?
6.      Do you like vegetables or fruits?
7.      As a child did you like to eat vegetables?
8.      Can you get these things easily?
9.      What are the benefits of vegetables or fruits?
10.  Do you drive a car?
11.  At what age should / can children learn driving
Describe a magazine or a newspaper
When you read it
Why you read it
Explain what you remember of it
1.      Would you recommend it to anyone?
2.      What sort of magazines teenagers like to read?
3.      Why women read magazines?
4.      What is the difference in news from radio or TV?
5.      What are the positive and negative effects of radio and TV news?

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