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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Polluted City

·         Well ma’am pollution is a big problem these days
·         There is hardly a place which is absolutely pollution free
·         Here I am going to talk about a city Ludhiana which is very very polluted
·         It has all sorts of pollution – air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution
·         I went there last week
·         In fact I go there quite often as my relatives live there
·         Ludhiana is the industrial hub of Punjab
·         Industries dump their effluents in the surrounding area and this causes water pollution
·         The population of Ludhiana is far more for its size and this has given rise to slum areas in the outskirts
·         The people in these slum areas are mainly labourers from other states
·         They too litter the place.
·         There are many vehicles also which cause air pollution
·         Whenever I come back from Ludhiana, I heave a sigh of relief
·         Phagwara is relatively pollution free
·         There is so much air pollution in Ludhiana that my eyes start watering.

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