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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Radio or TV programme you like to talk to others with

·         Now-a-days there is a multitude of TV channels and a plethora of programmes on TV
·         The one programme I am going to talk about here is Office-Office
·         It is my all time favourite
·         In fact all my family members enjoy this sitcom together.
·         Later on I discuss this with my friends too.
·         We all have a good laugh at the serial the next day.
·         It is a must watch
·         Earlier it was on SAB TV but now it is telecast on Star-One
·         Its time is 10-10.30 pm
·         The sitcom is about the trials and tribulations of the common man in the government offices
·         The roles of the government office workers are named – Bhatia, Pandey ji, Patel, Shukla and Usha ji
·         Bhatia is always hungry and asks for eatables whenever Mussaddi comes to him to get his work done
·         Patel has his funda of ‘do baatein ho jayengi’ meaning two things can happen
·         Usha uses Mussaddi to get her household works done like getting the string twirled into a ball etc
·         Pandey ji doesn’t speak till a ji is put after his name. no one can call him Pandey or Pandey Beta
·         Shukla is a paan eater and provides comedy by spitting paan on the floor even if someone is sitting there
·         Mussaddi has to run from one person to another and visits these five people almost every day to get his work done.
·         At the end of the serial there is a lesson as to what should have been done.

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