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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Interesting news story that you read in paper

·         I read the Tribune daily.
·         It gives many interesting news stories.
·         The news story that I am going to talk about here is on Global warming.
·         I read it in the editorial section of the paper.
·         The editor Mr H K Dua had presented the article in a very nice way.
·         It caught my attention because global warming is a burning issue these days. The whole globe is involved in it.
·         The way he wrote about the causes and effects was very eye catching.
·         It was an eye-opener for me.
·         We humans are the cause and we humans only can lessen it.
·         He also told how the pollution caused by cutting trees, having more industries, growing number of cars and other human luxuries is leading to global warming.
·         Then he told about effects of global warming.
·         There are three main effects.
·         Firstly there is rising sea level.
·         Secondly we are having longer summers and extreme climates.
·         That is to say that the summers are hotter and the winters are cooler.
·         Finally we are having epidemics of diseases like malaria and dengue.
·         This is because mosquitoes and other insects prosper in the heat.
·         The news article also told how we can lessen this phenomenon by simple measures like not cutting down trees, planting more trees, using recycled materials and saying no to plastic bags.
·         I felt very enlightened after reading this news story.
·         I decided to start using recycled things immediately.

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