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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Changes in your life( Aastha Sardana)

Ÿ  Change is the only thing that is constant. Every second there is some change. It is the law of the nature.
Ÿ  Speaking about my life lots of changes have occurred …
Ÿ  Earlier say about 3-4 years I was a total pessimist person with no dreams, desires ,expectations and aim.
Ÿ  My life was dull with no charm…u can say I was not living my life I was just dragging it and the reason was the failure in studies. Because of which I lost the hope of achieving success even in the future. I lost my social circle also and started living alone..
Ÿ  It is a saying that relationship is a big responsibility and a challenge which overcomes your solitude and same thing happened to me.
Ÿ  My parents who have always been my backbone supported to withdraw me from that solitary shell.
Ÿ  And thanks a ton to them that now I have become optimist and positive in my life, ready to face all the challenges and obstacles.
Ÿ  One more drastic change I would like to talk about is regarding my health. During my childhood  I was a couch potato , plump child.. I was pampered a lot. And used to eat as if I had to break some records.
Ÿ  But as I grew up I became health conscious I do yoga daily and I have maintained myself and feel energetic and active.
Ÿ  Earlier I was not responsible towards my family but now I understand the duties of an elder child.
Ÿ  I can take my decisions , have become independent and concerned for my career as compared to the time when I was least bothered for this.
Ÿ  So these are the few changes in my life which changed my perception, my thinking and me as a responsible human being.

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