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Monday, August 17, 2009

Unforgettable incident of school days

I was a very average student at school.
I did not take part in many competitions
But, once when I was in tenth class, I took part in a declamation contest
Our school had organized a science fair
I spoke on the topic of global warming – its causes and effects
There were many contestants
Everyone was doing rather well
When my turn came I felt very nervous
I think it was stage-fright
I had never performed on stage before
As I went up the stage, I tripped and fell face down on the stage
Everyone burst into peals of laughter
I started laughing too
And guess what!
All my nervousness flew away
I started speaking,
I had prepared the speech rather well
I told them about the causes and effects of Global warming
I told them how we humans are the cause and we humans can lessen it
My speech lasted 5 minutes
Everyone clapped a lot when I finished
I won the first prize
It added to my self confidence

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