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Monday, August 17, 2009

A positive change in your life

The one positive change in my life was joining IELTS course.

I’d learnt English even before that.

I started learning English in my school days but when I joined IELTS I was exposed to international English.

I never knew English has these four areas.

I never knew English was so beautiful.

The training centre where I went was exclusively for English and they spoke only English.

It gave me a lot of ideas, confidence, vocabulary and enthusiasm.

My teachers were excellent.

Some good students over there were my role models.

I could improve my accent and pronunciation.

They were always motivating us to talk.

Earlier I used to shy away when anyone was speaking English.

Now I find myself totally changed for the better.

If I get a good band I can go abroad and my life will be totally changed.

So joining for IELTS brought a positive change in my life.

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