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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A family you like

A family is a basic building block of society

I know a lot of families and I am well connected to the families of my aunts and uncles. So, I belong to an extended family.

The family I am going to describe here is of my aunt Jyoti.

She is my father’s sister.

My Uncle’s name is Jagtar and they have two children Deepa and Roop.

They live in Phagwara in Hargobind Nagar.

I like their family a lot because even though my uncle and aunt are very well off, as they are both doctors, they are very down-to-earth.

Even their children have no airs about them.

They are liked by all people in my family.

Both aunty and uncle are very magnanimous and always willing to help others with their time and money.

Deepa is doing here masters in biotechnology and Roop is doing mechanical engineering.

Aunt and uncle are known for their hospitality.

At least once a week their invite us all over for lunch or dinner.

We also invite them over quite often.

Whenever somebody in the family is not well you can depend on aunt for help

Their home has warmth in it which cannot be described in words.

All the time aunt and uncle seem to have minor quarrels with each but they take it in the lighter vein and in fact are very amusing.

In fact you enjoy being with them.

The way aunt and uncle run their family and their nursing home and still have time for all of us is amazing.

They are indeed an ideal family.

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