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Monday, August 17, 2009

Favourite season

My favourite time of the year is winter.

Winter lasts from December to February.

The climate is pleasant , energetic, soothing and dry.

Another reason to like winter season is that there are a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables which can be healthy and tasty.

I also like to wear woolen clothes, which I can wear during this season only.

I generally go to visit different places in the winter vacations only.

I also look forward to the New year celebrations with my friends.

Nights are very long in the winters and I love to sleep till late in the morning especially at weekends.

In summers we sweat a lot and there are so many power cuts , so I don’t like summers.

Trees shed of their leaves in autumn ,a very gloomy season.

Spring is also a wonderful season.

Everywhere there are blooming flowers and the weather is also generally very pleasant.

In spring generally my exams are near and so my favourite season remains winter.

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