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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Polluted city

Well ma’am pollution is a big problem these days

There is hardly a place which is absolutely pollution free

Here I am going to talk about a city Ludhiana which is very very polluted

It has all sorts of pollution – air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution

I went there last week

In fact I go there quite often as my relatives live there

Ludhiana is the industrial hub of Punjab

Industries dump their effluents in the surrounding area and this causes water pollution

The population of Ludhiana is far more for its size and this has given rise to slum areas in the outskirts

The people in these slum areas are mainly labourers from other states

They too litter the place.

There are many vehicles also which cause air pollution

Whenever I come back from Ludhiana, I heave a sigh of relief

Phagwara is relatively pollution free

There is so much air pollution in Ludhiana that my eyes start watering.

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