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Monday, August 17, 2009

Favourite festival - Basant Panchmi

Basant Panchami, the Festival of Spring, is celebrated mainly in Haryana and Punjab, during February-March.

It is celebrated at the end of winter to welcome spring.

During this season the mustard fields are in full bloom, giving the impression of yellow carpets.

People welcome this change of season by wearing yellow clothes, flying kites and having fun.
Kite flying is the major and most colourful event of this festival.

The sky is covered with different colourful fighter kites.

The kites are of medium size normally from 1 feet to 4 feet across and made of paper on a frame of bamboo strips.

Preparation for this festival start many days earlier and people spend a lot of money on the kites.

New clothes are purchased for this festival and many delicious dishes prepared for this particular occasion. Sweet yellow rice, flavoured with saffron, is prepared for Basant Panchami.
'Yellow' is the colour of the festival and so it dominates everywhere i.e. in the kites, in the clothes, especially in the clothes of ladies, as ladies make a lot of preparation for this particular occasion.

All the family members gather at one single place, many times on the rooftops, and celebrate this festival.

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