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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A time when you were stuck in a traffic jam

Traffic jams are very common now-a-days

Every person seems to own a vehicle now-a-days

The problem is worse in big cities like Bombay and Delhi

Traffic moves at a snail’s pace during peak hours

Once I had gone to Jalandhar

On my way back I got stuck in a traffic jam

It was two days before Gurupurab, the birthday of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

A huge procession was going on

We call it the Nagar Kirtan

It was a 2 km long procession

There were hundreds of people on tractors and trolleys

On one trolley, the holy book of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib was there

People were paying obeisance to the book

Because of the procession we were stuck in the procession for two hours

It was very hot

We could not budge an inch forward or backward

Nor we could leave our car

All people around us were very restless

Finally we heaved a sigh of relief when the traffic started moving

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