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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You have started a course after reading its details in a brochure. Unfortunately it turned out to be totally different from the description in the brochure. Write a letter to the manager, including the following: - Mention the details of the course. - Explain how it was different. - What course you would like to take instead?

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to complain about the wrong information provided in the brochure of your institute because of which I enrolled in the wrong course. 

Your institute provides various courses related to cookery. I read all the details in your brochure and enrolled in the course C003 which deals with South Indian cuisine. I joined the course with great enthusiasm but the first day they started with North Indian dishes. I asked the instructors and they told me that C003 was a course in Indian cuisine and South Indian dishes were also a component of this course and they would be taught in the final week of the 12 week course.

I would like to enrol in the purely South Indian cuisine. I very well know about the North Indian cuisine. I belong to North India and all these dishes I have learnt from my mother and grandmother. I love South Indian dosa and idli. I want to enrol in a course which teaches purely south Indian dishes. If your centre provides this course, I would like to get a transfer to that course and in case such a course is not there, I would like a refund of the fees that I have paid for the wrong course. I would also suggest you to get the information corrected in the brochure.

Hoping to hear from you soon regarding this matter!

Yours faithfully,


  1. Dear Kiran,
    i really can't believe there's someone who's giving all this help FOR FREE !!!!!!!!!! your blog is extremely rich & full of very useful articles;thanx for your efforts anyway.
    i have a question please.........while writing letters,do i have to sign a name,or just leave a blank distance for the name??? Does it make any difference while correcting???

    Thanx again dear :))

    Dr. Nermin

  2. kiran mam ur blog is the one of the best...more better than youtube videos



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