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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vehicle that you would like to buy

·         I'm very fond of driving
·         There are many vehicles available in the market
·         But here I would like to talk about vehicle that I would like to buy
·         It is a Nano car
·         It is a four-seater car
·         It is of the Tata company
·         It is beautifully designed
·         It is available in different colours such as red, green, black etc
·         I want to buy a white one
·         I want to buy this car only because it is affordable
·         It is the cheapest car
·         I live in small family
·         It would be very helpful for us
·         I firmly intend to buy it in future
·         I would use it to travel long distances with in my city
For short distances i prefer to go on foot


  1. it is too short

  2. Read the longer version here



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