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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Talk about a character from a story that you admire from your childhood Ø Who was he Ø What was he like Ø What did he do Ø Explain why you admire this character

 I heard many stories in my childhood and I admire many characters from those stories but here I am going to talk about a character from a TV serial which I saw in my childhood.
The character is of Shaktiman - which means the all-powerful.
He has supernatural powers which he acquires through meditation.
This serial was my favourite.
I never missed any episode of this serial.
It was telecast on DD National Channel every Sunday at 10am
My eyes were glued to the TV screen for that one hour.
I admired this character very much.
I wanted to be like him
I really wanted to swirl and fight the evil spirits just like he did.
Shaktiman never uses his powers wrongly and unnecessarily.
He always helps the needy and fights the evil supernatural powers.
Naturally, he always wins in the end.
He plays two characters in the serial. One is of Gangadhar, who is an ordinary man working as a press reporter.
The second character is of Shaktiman.
I also remember from the serial that Gangadhar has a crush on a journalist but she loves his other avatar i.e. Shaktiman.
This adds some comedy to the serial.
At the end of the serial, Shaktiman has a moral for the serial and I remember all my friends also discussed this serial the next day in the class and we used to listen to all what he taught in his morals.

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