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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Speaking on numbers

1.Let’s talk about numbers: do any numbers hold particular meaning in your culture?
India has a very diverse culture. According to Hindu culture numbers play a very important role from the time one is born. The date, the number of the 'month', the time, in minutes and even seconds. Any number may be good for one person and at the same time bad for another. Just a difference of a few minutes can make a man a prince or a pauper.
However in Sikh culture number 13 is considered lucky because it is related to Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s popular story in which Tera means God’s. Universally 13 is considered unlucky.
2.Do you think people should attach particular meaning to numbers?
No, I don’t think so. I believe that all this is superstition. I believe all numbers are lucky.
3.Do you have any numbers that are special to you?
Well, I just like number 7. I was born in July, which is the 7th month and my date of birth is 16 which also adds up to 7. But I don’t attach any significance to them.
4. Between numbers and words, which do you remember easily?
I remember numbers more easily. This may be because I relate them to other numbers and remember them.
7. Why do you do to remember them easily?
I just remember them because since childhood I have the habit of remembering numbers by relating them to something or the other.

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