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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A few speaking questions answered

1.    What types of characters do adults usually admire these days? Why?
People admire celebrities and sportsmen. They also admire young politicians who have the ability to run the nation. People admire people with real talent. They are inspired by them. They also want to be like them. Such characters are role models for them.
2.    Why do people still admire the character even if they know it’s not real?
People still admire unreal characters because they are entertained by them. All people have their own fantasies and such characters live their fantasies. Even characters of animals in stories like the thirsty crow are unreal but they give moral lessons to people.
3.    What are the characteristics of an actor that is widely admired?
The actor should have very good communication skills and also good acting skills. He should be versatile. He should have the ability to fit into any role. He should try to make the character look real. This means he should live his role. He should be a good role model for the people.
4.    How much can a character from a movie affect our real life? Why?
A character from a movie can affect our real life in many ways. We try to relate those characters with people in our real life. Sometimes, we relate those characters with ourselves. We are inspired by them and we want to be like them. Sometimes we face similar situations in our real life and we try to solve them as these characters have done in movies.

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