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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

News that you found interesting

·         I have heard many news on TV.
·         But here I'm going to talk about a news which I found very interesting
·         It was killing of Osama
·         This news was telecast on Star News Channel
·         It happened sometime in the beginning of may
·         This news happened in Abotabad
·         An army of forty soldiers attacked his house
·         He was living with his family and some members of his group
·         He had a group named Al-Qaida
·         Osama was the most wanted terrorist
·         He was the master-mind behind the attack on the world trade centre of America
·         He had given numerous sleepless nights to America
·         It took America ten  years to locate Osama
·         He had taken shelter in Pakistan
·         His death was like a great achievement for America

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