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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Speaking Questions on cities

1.      Do you think people in cities are better off than those in rural areas, and why?
In some ways, yes, and in some ways, no. Both areas have their own pros and cons. I think it is a matter of personal preference. In terms of facilities, city people are at an advantage but if you prefer a peaceful life then rural areas are better.
2.      Do you think cities will grow bigger and bigger in coming years?
Yes, definitely, as population grows, cities will have to expand. People also migrate from villages to cities in search of better job prospects.
3.      What problems are involved when cities grow bigger?
As cities grow bigger, there will be overcrowding and congestion. As a result housing will become costlier and slum areas will develop. There will also be pressure on essential services like water supply and sewage disposal. So, diseases may spread. Traffic congestion, accidents and pollution will naturally become more widespread. Crime will also increase especially petty crime such as pick pocketing and chain snatching.
4.      Is there something that can be done to restrict the growth of cities?
A lot can be done. First of all the government needs to understand that cities act as magnets and people are going to be attracted towards them. So, careful planning of cities with the future in mind should be done. Cheap and affordable housing should be made available. Clean water supply and efficient waste disposal should be there.
If public transport is good enough then people will be encouraged to live in villages and daily commute to cities to work. So, rural and urban areas should be well connected by cheap and affordable public transport which should also be comfortable and very frequent. Finally, facilities should be provided in villages so that the difference in urban and rural life is minimized.

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