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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Talk about something that you would like to succeed in doing. Please say - What is it? - How would you make it happen? - Why do you want to do it? - Do you know someone who has achieved it?

·        Everyone sets goals in life and works hard to achieve them.
·        I too have set many goals for myself.
·        One of my long term goals is to become a successful business entrepreneur.
·        I know it would not be easy in today’s era of competition.
·        But, nothing is impossible and I am sure that with hard work and perseverance I can make it happen.
·        I want to achieve it because I want to raise the standard of living of my family and give them a better future.
·        I have seen my father sweat and toil to provide us good education and fulfil all our other requirements.
·        I want to give my parents a stress-free and happy old-age.
·        My cousin, Gaurav, did his MBA from UK and joined his father in their family business.
·        They make water coolers.
·        In just one year, he raised the turn-over of their firm from 20 lac a year to one crore.
·        He has a lot of business acumen and has promised to help me if I enter the field of business.
·        I have completed my senior secondary and now I wish to pursue my higher education from Australia in Business management.
·        After graduation I would like to work in some big company for 2-3 years to get business know-how.
·        Then I shall do MBA and after that I plan to start my own business.
·        I really wish to succeed in this venture.

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