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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Article that you read in newspaper

·         Newspapers play a very essential role in our day to day life.
·         I read the newspaper daily.
·         There are many interesting articles in newspaper
·         Here I would like to talk about an article which I really found interesting
·         It was about global warming.
·         It is a burning issue nowadays.
·         Earlier I was under the misconception that global warming is something unnatural.
·         I also thought that it was only caused by industries
·         This article was like an eye-opener for me
·         I came to know that global warming is natural but the rate at which it is occurring is unnatural.
·         I also came to know that we humans are responsible for it
·         The increased use of vehicles and cutting down of trees are the main causes of global warming
·         I was also surprised to know that we humans can reduce the rate at which it is occurring
·         We can use public transport and grow more trees
This was really an interesting article

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