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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

IELTS speaking - possible answers

1.      Are judges necessary for law enforcement?
Yes judges are necessary for law enforcement because they know all the rules and regulations and are in a position to give adequate punishment. If people know they will get punished by authorized people they will not go against law and become law-abiding citizens. 
2.      What are the requirements for police officers?
As such there are no requirements for becoming a police officer. Anyone with a high school degree can join the police force. After joining the police force, they are given special training in patrolling, traffic control, emergency response, use of firearms, first aid, and self-defense. Physical training is another part of most police academies.
3.      What are the requirements for becoming a good lawyer?
For becoming a lawyer, a person has to do an LLB course which is of 3 years after graduation or there is a five years law course after senior secondary. One has to clear the entrance examination to get admission in any law college.

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