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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family member you would like to spend time with

·        In today’s time everyone is busy in his life
·        We don’t have time even for our family members
·        Here I would like to talk about my family member with whom I would like to spend time
·        He is my father
·        I know him because I have blood relation with him
·        I would like to spend time with him because currently we get to spend very little time with each other.
·        This is because he has a busy schedule
·        In the morning he goes for yoga regularly
·        There is an NGO which provides free yoga classes in the mornings
·        He is a lecturer in college
·        After college he takes tuition classes
·        He plans his day meticulously
·        Therefore all the time we have with each other is when we have dinner together at night
·        It seems very less time for me
·        I want to be like him so I want to spend more time with  him
·        I have to learn so much from him that I feel I need more time with him.
·        I guess, I shall have to start going for yoga with him in the morning and help him with his tuitions in the evenings.
·        That way I’ll be able to spend more time with him.

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