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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fashion in clothes

·         Fashion is an ever changing thing.
·         People have different tastes in fashion.
·         I prefer to wear different types of clothes on different occasions
·         Whenever there is a party with friends then I wear jeans and T-shirts which are very comfortable for me.
·         With jeans, I generally wear sports shoes.
·         I like many brands such as Nike, Adidas, Spykar etc
·         On occasions like marriages or an anniversary I wear formal dresses
·         Also while going to an interview I wear formal dress
·         Sometimes I wear traditional Sherwani and pyjama
·         I go to market very often in fact once a fortnight
·         My hometown is a shopper's paradise
·         So many varieties of clothes are available here
·         I  generally go to the market with my friends
·         While choosing clothes I always prefer the colour which suits my complexion
·         I also look at the price tag of clothes so that they suit my wallet.
·         Most of the times I wait for the season-end sales to buy the brands of my choice.


  1. Today's time everyone wants to be update according to the latest fashion. Most of the time every single person makes much of its dressing sense, this is the vital thing in today's era.



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