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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Past GT essay - Young people have different ideas and attitudes with their parents and grandparents. What are the differences? What problems may be caused?

The differences in the thinking of parents and children have been there since age old times. These differences are referred to as the ‘Generation Gap’. This essay shall delve into these differences and the problems caused by these differences.

To begin with, it is generally seen that older people have more traditional views on the world. For example, younger people tend to have a more relaxed view on marriage and divorce, whereas our parents and certainly our grandparents considered marriage to be a sacred and important institution. What is more, parents have many years of life experience behind them, and want to impart this knowledge on their children, but the children do not always want to hear. They want to be free, independent, to live their own lives, and make their own choices.

Furthermore, the older generation believe in going to bed early and getting up early, where as the young belong to the 24/7 society where the waking and sleeping patterns are different. What is more, the elderly want them to wear traditional clothes, where as the youth want to wear the global wear that is jeans and T-shirts because they feel comfortable in it. Another difference is that the parents want their children to follow the careers of their choice. However, youngsters want to walk on the un-trodden path and pave new ways for themselves.

These differences can lead to a strained relationship between young people and their parents. Children can rebel against their parents because of this generation gap. Today’s ‘Generation Gap’ is a lot different from the ‘Generation Gap’ of yesteryears. Earlier children were dependent on their parents and grandparents for all knowledge and information. They accepted meekly what was told them to do. Today’s children belong to the age of the IT revolution and are part of a global village. In many ways they are much more well-informed than their parents and grandparents. Today, the onus is on the parents and grandparents to walk fast and catch up with their children to bridge this gap.

To sum up, I would like to say that generation gap is nothing new and only the parents can take a step forward in this direction and bridge this gap.


  1. Same essay topic came in Ielts GT writing test held on 16 December 2017 in Pune.

  2. Yes, I have doubt in essay. There is two possible answer for this.
    1. Youngster vs parents/grandparents attitude/ideas
    2. youngster vs parents compared to youngster vs grandparents..

    what should be correct?

  3. I had this essay 16/12/2017.. but the questions were How is this in your society and what are problems



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