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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Past GT essay - Teenagers have problems at home and school. What difficulties are they facing now? What should parents and schools do to help them?

Teenage years are the most delicate years of a person’s life. These are beautiful years but have their own share of difficulties. This essay shall delve into some problems teenagers face at home and school and also suggest some ways forward.

The main problem teenagers face at home is the identity crisis which means that they are neither considered children, nor adults. If they play like small children, they are rebuked and if they sit with adults, they are asked to go away. They also face some hormonal changes of puberty which are very stressful for some. To add to it parents have become workaholics and do not give the required time which teenagers need in these crucial years.

Furthermore, parents want to take decisions for their teenagers like selecting their subjects. They do not give any importance to the aptitude of the child and force the subjects of their choice on them. They also want their child to excel in everything which can lead to a lot of stress. They also press their teens to follow the traditional culture where as teens want to adopt the global culture which they are exposed to. To tackle these problems, parents need to spend quality time with their children in these impressionable years. The child’s aptitude should not be ignored and choice of subject should be left on the teenager.

In school also teenagers are not without problems. Pressure of studies is just one problem. Classroom bullying by some students and favouritism shown by the teachers can be very stressful. To add to it some of them are being sexually harassed and abuse daily at school by other teenagers, teachers. Some of them are too hurt to tell anybody while others feel embarrassed to tell others. Peer pressure is also an issue of concern in these years. Teens can easily be swayed to take drugs under peer pressure. At school taking part in extra-curricular activities keeps teens happy. These activities act as stress-busters. Teachers should have an unbiased attitude and treat all students equally.

To conclude, there is no doubt that teenagers face a lot of problems at home and school but simple measures taken by parents and teachers can help make these years pleasant and memorable. The onus is on the parents and teachers to make these teenage years stress-free.  

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