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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Past GT essay - Many people prefer to stay the same type of work all their life, and others prefer to change the type of work. Discuss both sides and state your own opinion.

The world is changing rapidly. People today face numerous challenges in achieving a meaningful and fulfilling life. That is perhaps why some people change their job many times during their lifetime. However, there are still some who stick to the same job for life. This essay shall look into the benefits of both approaches.

There are many reasons why some people like sticking to one job. Firstly, the chances of promotion are much more because of longevity of service. Furthermore, they find greater depth of satisfaction from their working relationships. There is also much better work-life balance if a person’s job is stable and secure.

On the other hand, there are some strong benefits that can come from job hopping. One of the major reasons for changing jobs is a better pay package which can help to lessen the financial burden of an individual or family. Secondly, this experience that is formed through a change in job will be beneficial in the future. Individuals with a wider range of job experiences and skill sets are seriously considered for new job openings. Moreover, those who have a wide range of careers under their belt also have more job security. If they lose their job, they can seek out jobs in different career fields, as opposed to one career field.

What is more, it is generally seen that earlier on in life people settle for whatever job they can get. Job satisfaction is not given any priority. But, later on when the person is a bit comfortable, then changing the job and doing something which the heart desires is better because it gives more personal fulfillment. By changing jobs a person may finally discover a job which gives him the maximum job satisfaction.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, changing jobs several times during a lifetime may bring some challenges in life but overall it is a positive development.

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