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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Past GT essay - Some people argue that a growing number of young people spend too much time in watching TV. Why does this phenomenon happen? And what kinds of activities should be encouraged to them?

Television has become ubiquitous nowadays. Most families have more than one television in their houses. This essay shall outline some of the reasons why the youth of today spend too much time watching TV and also suggest some other activities which they should be motivated to do.

First of all, television is usually one of the first media which young people meet with. Parents use this medium as baby sitters for their convenience. This habit continues as the child grows. What's more, TV seems to be the most convenient medium. There's no need to move anywhere, just to push the button and then they can see a completely different world.  Then, there is the peer pressure; those who are not up to date with the latest programmes on TV are considered as inferior by their peers.

In addition, the TV of today has so much to offer. There are uncountable channels running 24/7 to suit every taste. The satellite TV has brought in all foreign channels right into our bedrooms. The youth of the global village of today keep themselves at par with each other through these channels. Last but not least, the reality TV shows of today such as Dance India Dance and the Indian Idol have given an opportunity to today’s youth to show their talent to the whole world and get name and fame overnight. So, because of all these reasons, the youngsters of today watch too much TV.

Because of TV children are being alienated from the outside world. They should travel, read books and play outdoor games. Parents and teachers should take the onus of diverting children’s mind away from TV and towards other healthier activities. Sports stadiums, gyms and playgrounds should be there in cities so that the youth are motivated to use them. Parents should act as role-models by themselves staying away from TV as much as possible. TV should not be there in each and every room of the house. One TV per family should be there. All these steps can prove very useful to motivate the youngsters for other activities.

In summary, I pen down saying that, there are a plethora of reasons why young people watch too much TV. There should be some control on this and they should be encouraged to do other outdoor activities also.

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