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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Past GT essay - Doctors say that people do not enough physical exercise. What are reasons? Suggest some solutions.

Obesity and its related problems are a growing cause of concern. The main reason is the sedentary lifestyle. This essay shall delve into the reasons why people choose not to exercise. Some measures to motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle shall also be discussed.

The fast paced life of today is the most common cause of this habit. People have become workaholics in their rat race after material possessions and as a result don’t have the time to do any exercise. It requires some determination to extract time for exercise from the hectic lifestyle of today. Another reason is the lack of awareness of the benefits of exercise. Most people are not aware about the benefits of regular exercise. After all, our body is a machine and regular exercise acts as a lubricant for the various parts. It has been proven by research that exercise can delay the onset of osteoarthritis which is a disease of old age. Exercise can also ward off stress. Those who exercise regularly, seldom suffer from depression.

Finally, some people start exercise and want overnight benefits. They want miracles to happen and when they don’t see any improvement in a few days, they stop doing exercise. If they are made aware that results would surely be visible if they keep exercising, most of them would do exercise. Furthermore, people want to adopt short cuts to lose weight such as dieting. What they don’t realize is that if they lose weight by eating less then it decreases their body’s metabolic rate and then they start putting on weight even by eating the barest minimum.

People can be encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle in many ways. The governments can aware people about the ill effects of obesity through the media. Sports stadiums and well equipped gyms should be made available in the propinquity of residential areas so that people don’t have to go far to access them. Benefits of daily exercise should be told to people through the media. Exercising not only gives you more time to live, it makes the time you live more enjoyable. You'll feel better, think straighter, sleep more soundly, and have more capacity and endurance for everything you wish to do.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, people don’t exercise because of busy schedules and lack of awareness, but if they are made aware about the ill effects of such a lifestyle and motivated to make some lifestyle modifications then surely it would make a big difference.

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