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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Past GT essay - Many people want to have a successful career and a happy family life both. What problems are involved in combining a career and family life? How to overcome such problems?

It is undeniable that everyone dreams to have both - a successful career and a happy family. However, there seem to be a lot of problems preventing people from achieving that goal. This essay shall discuss these problems and suggest some solutions.

The first problem is that today’s world is ruled by money and so people devote a lot of time to their work or business. They have become workaholics. As a result they fail to draw a line between work and family. Second reason is the cut-throat competition of today. Young people new to their job have to put in their time and effort to meet the expectations of their employers. Similarly, those who run their own business have to drive their business otherwise their business can drive them out. Another problem is that the family expectations are soaring higher and higher day by day. The earning hand is expected to fulfil all those expectations as well as give time to his family. Sometimes it becomes difficult to live up to those expectations and this leads to stress.

The solutions are not simple. People have to learn to set their priorities. Some things have to be sacrificed for the sake of others. Effective time management is very important. The most severe problem existing among most people tend to be their unsuccessful time management. Then, people should learn to switch the office button off once they come home. Practicing some exercise regime for a few minutes every day can keep a person physically fit enough to have a successful work-life balance.

The non-working members of the families too can help in this respect. They should try to support, to care and to understand the efforts that others are making. One meal of the day should be fixed which all members have to be together. A more practical way to be considered might be setting up family plans, for example, a monthly family trip or weekly picnic, to share more happy time and memories together.

Overall, I believe that with a mutual understanding of each other and continuous efforts, people will eventually find the balance point of their life and work.

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  1. Mam ur work is awsome and vocab u use is unparalled. Thanx mam for posting wonderful essays and letters.



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