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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Past GT Essay - Historical buildings are destroyed for housing schemes in most of the cities these days? Discuss and give your opinion. (18th Feb Essay India)

Modernization of cities is the need of the hour as a result of which many historic buildings are being destroyed. This situation has both pros and cons which I shall discuss in this essay.

On the one hand, demolition of these old historic buildings is very beneficial to meet the needs of the growing population. Sky-scrapers are part of modern cities and they are needed today as land is becoming scarce. Some old historic buildings are serving no purpose today. They are neither safe to live in nor are attracting tourists. On top of that they occupy a lot of space. Everything has a life and if these are not demolished or renovated, these may crumble anytime and cause threat to life.

Furthermore, road systems are being expanded to meet the needs of the growing number of vehicles. Many old buildings come in the way of these road systems. That is why these buildings need to be destroyed. The benefits of these changes are becoming obvious as traffic jams are becoming things of the past in these places.

On the other hand, there are some old buildings which give a unique identity to a place and with a little maintenance can be used effectively even today. For example, the Sainik School of Kapurthala was the home the maharaja of Kapurthala, Jagatjit Singh. It is a magnificent piece of architecture and is now serving a very good purpose. There are many other such buildings which house important government offices or have been converted to hotels for tourists. The Umedh Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan has been converted into a hotel and is a good source of revenue for the government. We would be losing a lot of our historical and cultural background if we demolish such buildings.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that demolishing old buildings for modernization is definitely advantageous. However, if the historic building is a tourist attraction or is giving a unique identity to a place, it should definitely be preserved. If a building is occupying a lot of space and is unfit to live in, then it should be demolished.

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  1. Population has been increasing alarmingly worldwide resulting in demolition of old independent houses and construction of sky-scrappers ,especially in cities.However,knocking off historical building paving way for new houses is not a good idea in my view. This essay will highlight the most important points in support of my opinion.

    First,historical monuments have high value as they are silent witness to important events in the past. For example, there are some palaces in India which reflects the lifestyle and culture of the kings and their subjects which are very interesting. Every item displayed there including the architecture speak volumes of the past lives. The kings and queens no longer rule our country. However, we cam have a better idea about them when we visit the palaces.

    Second, there are plenty of open spaces in the cities. The government should try to build high raised buildings there instead of destroying old historical buildings.To illustrate, even in a high tech city like Bangalore, there are some vacant land which has been lying waste. The government should force the owners to sell them to the builders to construct houses.

    Also,the government should not allow affluent people to build big villas and farm houses in the city limit. For instant,some nuclear families don't need such big villas.Occupying such large area in the city is considered be a colossal waste.

    I conclude my essay with a strong view that it is true that the people who live in cities need comfortable houses but not at the cost of valuable historical buildings.



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