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Thursday, March 1, 2012

GT past essay - More people have unhealthy diet and do not do enough exercises. What are the reasons for this? How can we encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle?

Obesity and its related problems are a growing cause of concern. The main reason is the sedentary lifestyle and fast food culture. This essay shall delve into the reasons why people choose to eat unhealthy diet and not do exercise. Some measures to motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle shall also be discussed.

The fast paced life of today is the most common cause of this habit. People have become workaholics in their rat race after material possessions and as a result don’t have the time to cook healthy food and even do any exercise. Whole foods require time to prepare and processed or ready-to-eat foods are consumed which are definitely less healthy.

Another reason is the taste factor. Given the choices of steamed broccoli versus macaroni and cheese, or baby carrots versus potato chips, or an apple versus a candy bar, most people would choose the latter simply because it tastes better. The mushroom growth of fast food outlets have also made them very affordable and very easily available. Finally, perhaps the most significant reason is lack of awareness that obesity caused by such a lifestyle is not just one disease; it has many other deadly diseases like diabetes and hypertension associated with it.

People can be encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle in many ways. The governments can aware people about the ill effects of obesity through the media. Sports stadiums and well equipped gyms should be made available in the propinquity of residential areas so that people don’t have to go far to access them. Healthy eating habits and exercise daily by making people aware through the media. Last but not least, the family meal should be encouraged. People tend to eat better when they are sitting down at a table. There is better control of the serving size. There is more focus on interaction and discussion and not only on the food.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, people eat unhealthy and don’t exercise enough but if they are made aware about the ill effects of such a lifestyle and motivated to make some lifestyle modifications then surely it would make a big difference.

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