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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Past GT essay - In many places women are taking jobs which are traditionally done by men. What do you think make these changes happen? What’s your opinion about it?

The physical and genetic differences between men and women equip them for different activities and skills. However, in today’s scenario it has been seen that women are proving their mettle even in the traditionally male-dominated jobs. This essay shall delve into the reasons for this change.

The first and foremost reason is the opportunity today’s women are getting. Nowadays, as more and more women in different countries have started working outside the home, it is clear that they are able to perform jobs that were traditionally only held by men. Secondly, today’s woman is also going for higher education and because of this even the highest positions in science, politics or law, for example, can be held successfully by women.

Another reason is that today anyone can be trained to do any type of job. There is also increasing scientific evidence that individual differences between people may be more important than gender differences. In other words, some women may be physically stronger than some men, while some male individuals may be more sensitive, or more caring than some women. 

I believe that today societies are becoming more egalitarian. Earlier, women worked in the homes in most cultures. The girl child was even denied education in many places. Even if they were employed women they tended to dominate the so-called 'caring professions' such as teaching, nursing or social work. But today men and women are walking shoulder to shoulder in every field and the line of demarcation between them has faded.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that in the modern world individual men and women can be trained to develop similar abilities. Differences in aptitude and talents are greater at the individual level than at the gender level. That is why women are taking up jobs traditionally thought to be men’s jobs.

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